For Advisors


Best Life Advisors offers concierge-style assistance to older adults challenged by lifestyle changes.

We work primarily through trusted advisors or family referrals.

We can be a valued resource for you and your clients in a variety of situations unique to older adults. As the Silent Generation and Baby Boomers age, your clients may experience chronic illness, loneliness, loss of support in their daily lives—and are targets for elder fraud. As the businesses that serve our aging population change rapidly to meet demand, you may struggle to find responsive resources and referrals. We offer a holistic solution for your clients in need of broader support.

Situations in which Best Life Advisors may be effective:

  • Lifestyle transitions
    – downsizing 
    – relocation
    – divorce
    – loss of “financial” spouse
  • Active retirees splitting time in multiple residences/states
  • Older adult caregiver with incapacitated spouse
  • Adults in the “no go” years—80+
  • Assist with fiduciary management of estate after loss of spouse or parent
  • Short-term hospitalization or rehab
  • Chronically ill or disabled persons striving to remain independent
  • Solo agers or older adults with limited informal support
  • Long-distance or very busy adult child caregiver
  • Parents with difficulty working with adult children
  • Family struggling to help aging parents
  • Trust issues among sibling caregivers
  • Concerns about identity theft or elder fraud