You like your independence. You may fear losing it. You know from experience how quickly change can happen—health, loss, mobility challenges, COVID!


Before a crisis limits your independence and choices, take charge of your future.The time is now to prepare for your next chapter.


We’ll help!



Daily Money Management and
Fiduciary Assistance

You spent a lifetime carefully managing your money. You likely have a team of trusted advisors—financial planners, insurance agents, CPAs and tax planners, bankers and more. A Daily Money Manager is the glue between these advisors and you, keeping the day-to-day of your finances in sync with your plan.


How would you feel if:

  • Bills are paid on time
  • Credit cards and bank accounts are reviewed for incorrect charges
  • Problems are resolved
  • Safeguards exist to lessen identity theft and fraud risks
  • You had some support in your new role as a fiduciary
  • Insurance and auto renewals are tracked
  • Cash flow is managed to cover taxes, big vacation plans, gifts to family
  • Vital records are organized and updated consistently
  • Junk mail is reduced
  • And more

And money management was “one less thing” to worry about?



Health and Home Assistance

When you want to plan for your future—or you are trying to help a loved one with changes prompted by illness or aging concerns–


We help you through the changes in your life.

  • Adjusting your home to meet your needs
  • Home maintenance planning
  • Transportation solutions for non-drivers
  • Hiring in-home help
  • Organizing, decluttering, inventories
  • Evaluating your relocation options
  • Finding the right realtors, lenders, inspectors
  • Preparing for a move
  • Coordinating with lawyers, financial planners, insurance agents
  • So many details…

These changes require time, organization, resources, and expertise.


Having Best Life Advisors at your side adds confidence and peace of mind to your decisions.